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Love Poems


Table of Contents

    p. 5    The Greeting

    p. 6    Spring Morning

    p. 7    The Palmer

    p. 8    Recycling

    p. 9    The Listener

    p. 10    An Afternoon Like Any Other

    p. 11    Pausing

    p. 12    The Camera

    p. 13     Luxuries

    p. 14    Together in Bed

    p. 15     A Stepchild to His Stepchildren

    p. 17    p. Pisces

    p. 18    p. Siphoning

    p. 20      In Two Worlds at Once

    p. 21    p.   For the Little Sister, After Long Silence

    p. 22      Listen, Friends

    p. 23      The Last Quests

    p. 24      To Keep Going

    p. 25       As

    p. 26       Outside and Inside









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